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Rhode Broadcaster, Symetrix Digital Voice Processor, Audio Metrics, Adobe, Intel, Sony, Montego Turtle Beach, Ultra, Crown, JBL

Jill West
Jill West
  Jill West  

All-American, Approachable, Articulate, Believable, Classy, Clear, Comforting, Conversational, Cool, Corporate, Crisp, Dependable, Direct, Down to earth, Dynamic,Educated, Energetic, Engaging, Fresh, Friendly, Fun, Funny, Gentle, Genuine, Happy, Honest, Informative, Intelligent, Mature, Midwest, Midwestern, Modern, Mom, Natural, Playful, Polished, Powerful, Professional, Pure, Real, Refreshing, Reliable, Rich, Sassy, Seasoned, Sexy, Sincere, Smart, Smooth, Soft, Soothing, Strong, Stylish, Sultry, Sweet, Talented, Trendy, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Versatile, Warm, Youthful voice, voice over, female voice, radio voice, commercial voice, internet voice, e learning voice, product voice, movie voice

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